Welcome to The Cancer Journey
– Positive steps to help yourself heal

Welcome to The Cancer Journey – Positive steps to help yourself heal. This inspirational and compelling book provides the blueprint for dealing with cancer and is the book of choice for anyone affected by this disease. The shocking 2011 statistics are that 42% of us will develop cancer in our lifetime. It is now a worldwide disease with more than 15 million people in the UK alone expected to be diagnosed by 2020.

Polly, Pam and Nick have written this book to help you. They have all had their own different cancer diagnoses, and feel passionate about sharing the information they have gathered which has helped them understand and cope throughout their journeys. They have written it in a warm, compassionate style with gentle humour, offering comfort and practical advice for anyone affected by cancer including family and friends.

What should you eat, what shouldn’t you eat? How do you deal with the side-effects? How do you politely tell others “I have cancer” without triggering an uncomfortable silence! How to prepare for medical appointments and get the best out of your doctors. What can family and friends do to help?

They talk about everything and tell you stuff you need to know that no-one else, including your health care professionals, can or will tell you.

Whether you have a diagnosis yourself, or you know someone with cancer, this book gives you the tools to empower yourself to take control and it offers advice and guidance to support you throughout your journey. When you arm yourself with knowledge of how to help yourself, you become an empowered participant in your own health

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