‘The Cancer Journey – Positive steps to help yourself heal’ is the co-creation of three people who all have personal experience of cancer. Writing together they have achieved a balanced perspective, without becoming impersonal, and are never dogmatic, always leaving the reader centre stage. The subject of cancer is a complex one, but this book manages to present sufficient detail for readers to come away informed, and is written in a light and easy style. Coming from people who have walked the walk, this is above all a practical book, crammed with tried and tested suggestions for everything from ways a friend could help, to recipes. This is the book the authors would have liked to have had themselves and looks into all the important aspects of the experience of cancer.

Robin Daly, Founder & Chairman, Yes to Life

I totally love your book The Cancer Journey – I think it will help loads of people.

David Hamilton, scientist, speaker and author of 'How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body'


I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Cancer Journey book, it is insightful and helpful. I thought it offered the cancer sufferer a real opportunity to focus on something positive which can be so difficult and yet so rewarding.I thought that some of the issues discussed and some of the suggestions for leading a more fulfilled life, apply to everyone. If we all embraced the positive message in this book we would all be living happier and healthier lives. I loved The Cancer Journey and would not hesitate to recommend it.

Lucy Gambrill, Counsellor, Macmillan Cancer Support

The Cancer Journey – what a breath of fresh air! On a personal level, I wish it had been around when my mother was first diagnosed with cancer 17 years ago, I still remember her panic of not knowing what to do or how to do it. As a nurse I believe this book is very relevant today. It has been professionally written, well researched, and set out very clearly. Explanations of terminology and processes that can be so confusing are clear and relate to both conventional and complimentary therapy which I believe is important. I particularly liked the list of possible questions for consultants. The book is very sensitive and enables the reader to develop a positive approach to dealing with their cancer. I would definitely recommend it for patients and their families.

Carolyn Jamieson, GP Practice Nurse

I found The Cancer Journey to be very useful especially the break-down of all the possible emotions and stages that people may go through and I think that there are lessons there that we could very easily apply to most of life’s experiences. Even the recipes could be used in trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle and the understanding of the benefits of certain foods is very useful.

The chapters on complementary therapies, visualisation and meditation etc, were fantastic.

This book was a real insight into appreciating how much a person’s life is changed by cancer yet the positive message will be a great help and comfort to all who get the opportunity to read it. A wonderful and inspiring read.

Deanna Samson, Head of Volunteer Services, Macmillan Cancer Support

I found The Cancer Journey to be a well constructed and informative book dealing with issues we all try to avoid and generally shy away from. The subject is discussed in a tactful and sympathetic manner and is easy to digest. I feel it will go a long way towards alleviating the general fear and taboos associated with cancer. It will serve as a hand book not only for cancer patients but also medical practitioners and alternative healthworkers.

Noel Carroll Barry, (S.R.N. Retired)

I was very impressed by the content ofthe Cancer Journey and it has a huge advantage over the many tomes written by the medical profession on the subject of managing and dealing with cancer.I was particularly impressed by the way in which the scientific background to the disease has been juxtaposed with a very personal account of problems like diet, fatigue, management of nausea etc., matters of which medical professionals may be aware and know the general principles in treating, but have little knowledge of how important they can be to the individual patient. There seemed also, to be a very nice balance between ‘conventional’ therapy and ‘alternate’ therapy and at the same time not making the latter seem quirky and misplaced. Above all the book has a very positive and intuitive approach to dealing with cancer and its treatment and I would regard this as a very important element in the management of the disease. Without the sense of hope and the very strong possibility of permanent remission there would seem to be little point in undergoing the very fierce treatment regimens which are required. In fact, while not making light of this subject the authors have injected a great deal of humour and commonsense into something which can be frightening and isolating. I would heartily recommend it to anyone suffering from cancer.

Dr. John Welch

I enjoyed reading The Cancer Journey and felt quite excited as I thought of various people to whom it would be useful. There are a lot of practical ideas which could empower people to feel part of their treatment and not just reliant on treatment and input from medical professionals. The style, I felt, would reach those who might normally be embarrassed to talk about their emotions and feelings.

Sarah Mulliner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Macmillan Cancer Support

The practical tips given in The Cancer Journey, along with the humour, will help equip a patient and their family to deal with their situation. I feel this book will be a valuable asset in the ‘tool kit’ of any person having to deal with a cancer diagnosis.

Julie Bishop, Clinical Nurse Specialist and 2011 International Palliative Care Nurse of The Year

This is an amazing book packed with tips and ideas, support and comfort for those on the cancer journey. It is an easy to read, at times humorous and certainly a down to earth and useful presentation that will help and give guidance to many people.

We need to make sure that this book is available for oncologists and others in the cancer profession to hand out to all patients.

Carolyn Railton, Complementary Therapist, Macmillan Cancer Support

I have just finished reading The Cancer Journey and it is excellent. I particularly like the fact that it covers so much. The holistic approach is well done and it is really very helpful to doctors and patient. Not patronising and crammed full of information that a patient without cancer would also find interesting and useful. I like the medical bits and I think the nutrition sections excellent and succinct. A great read, and also a great resource. I would be happy to recommend to my patients.

Tan Arulampulan, Laparoscopic General and Colorectal Surgeon

I found the sections on taking care of yourself the best as they showed hope and kindness with a respect for everyone’s life. I particularly like the way it is like someone is chatting to me and I am not really reading.

Mel Cracknell, Palliative Care Nurse


Well, I was a little reluctant to read the Cancer Journey initially as I tend not to read or watch anything that involves cancer since my own experience, as it tends to “bring me down” . But I was really very pleasantly surprised by the book and can honestly say I enjoyed reading it. The book is very uplifting because it focuses on the positives and doesn’t fill the reader with fear. I loved the fact that it uses humour in many areas and the personal stories that are included. All in all, the book is very informative whilst all the time giving the reader the feeling of empowerment and wanting to be in control. It is in no way depressing, thankfully, and will only give positive vibes to anyone suffering with this awful disease. I’m sure it will be a good companion to many.

Max Warren

The chapter on visualisation and mediation was really interesting – this wasn’t suggested to me at any point during my treatment and I think it would have been be very useful to know.

I found the book easy to read, and particularly liked the boxed statements which highlight the message.Obviously the book is valuable for cancer patients but I also think it should be available for professionals.It is important that the professionals make as much information available to patients as possible for them to choose from and this book is certainly full of ideas for all aspects of the diagnosis,treatment and aftermath of cancer.

Stephanie Coxon

From the title-which I loved- to the comprehensive information it contained I wish I had a copy during my recent run in with cancer. So many chapters had me thinking “yes that’s how I felt” or “I wish someone had said that to me”. No one has a manual on how to behave or react when cancer is diagnosed but this book gives you much needed options and suggestions.

Shoina Lloyd, Dreams Come True, Bringing joy to terminally and seriously ill children

I have read The Cancer Journey book and consider that it is very useful guide for anyone who has just received the devastating news that they or a loved one has cancer. I feel it will be of benefit to both the patient and their family and close friends.

This book will certainly be a useful reference to dip in and out of, particularly with regards to diet, self help and complementary therapy which are all largely ignored by the medical staff. The Cancer Journey is a very informative, user friendly read!

Paula Atkinson

I loved the Cancer Journey because it was full of practical advice and handy tips. When one is diagnosed usually you know nothing about your disease, your treatment or your future, and this is where a book like The Cancer Journey becomes invaluable. Boy, I wish it had been around when I was undergoing my cancer treatment. It is difficult to find presents to give to friends who have received the bad news, I find a food hamper to be perfect and now I have found The Cancer Journey.

Barbara O’Reilly Hyland


I really enjoyed The Cancer Journey, and thought the practical, straight talking approach was really refreshing and I can imagine, exactly what is needed when somebody is diagnosed. The chapters and page layout, with the text boxes, make it easy to read and pick up some key tips.

Sarah Bergqvist

I have just finished the book and was truly inspired by the positive focus the 3 authors have on dealing and coping with cancer. My wish is that this book had been available when my dad was diagnosed 12 years ago. My Dad and I would have coped so much better and possibly we both could have led a more normal life.

Anne Brown

The content of The Cancer Journey is very strong. How Cancer Thinks is a breath of fresh air and the glossary is very useful. Chapter 9 is my favourite and a great idea (What Family & Friends Can Do To Help) – love it!! As well as buying it for myself, I’d buy it for friends and family.

Suzy Naughalty

The Cancer Journey outlines many of the medical terminology in layman’s terms which should help empower patients and their families to be more positive when approaching a cancer diagnosis. The book is written in such an understandable way and in such simple language that it was very easy to read. I believe that this book will help people facing this disease to understand the different steps in the process of dealing with cancer and only wish it had been around several years ago.

Bruce Jamieson

I was so impressed with The Cancer Journey. What struck me most throughout was how easy to read it was. I think it’s great how the authors offer advice on, for example, how to break news to children, but also allow people the opportunity to follow their own intuition. I constantly felt as though the book was talking to me as if one on one and in a very comforting and insightful way. So much advice and information is offered but it doesn’t come across as overwhelming, rather easy to read and consequently, so importantly reassuring. The section on food is also brilliant and so helpful. I honestly thought the book was amazing.The whole thing was incredibly easy to read . I really think it is an inspirational book.

Bianca West

The Cancer Journey – what an incredible read! Superbly informative with just the right blend of humour and encouragement. The advice about knowing your own body and always to ask lots of questions, and about dealing with consultations, waiting room techniques, etc – invaluable. The nutrition chapter very interesting and again invaluable. The recipes a great idea, lots of self help here which I feel is very important. The layout is good and makes for an easy read, also easy to put down and pick up. The bullet points were used well – I found them to be uplifting and very encouraging especially during possibly intense reading moments. The concluding chapters; embracing life, be brave and heaven can wait – truly inspiring.

Sarah Murphy

The fact that the three authors speak from experience give the book empathy and their professional and academic credentials provide a weight to the work.

Sue Sturges

I have just finished reading the book and so wish that I had had something like this when we discovered that my Dad had cancer. This book would have been invaluable for us to use as a reference guide.

Maureen Butler

I read the Cancer Journey and immediately thought what an amazing book and one every home should have, whether or not you have cancer. It is written with such a feeling of care and understanding, whilst being educational and informative without lecturing. It totally demystifies the “C word”. It’s made me become more aware of how I treat my body and take positive steps to improve my own nutrition.

Sadly a few weeks after reading it one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer. I am so thankful I had had the opportunity to read the book as it has helped me understand both the psychological and physical issues she is facing and how I can best support her and be the friend she needs me to be. Without the knowledge and comfort I gained from reading this extraordinary book, I would not have known how to deal with my friends cancer. As cancer touches most of our lives in some way this is a handbook we should all have available to help and guide us through. I think The Cancer Journey contains the all-round vital information and guidance in one book, that you would normally only find from having to research multiple publications or possibly go online and even then you might need to be careful of the value of the information you would get. Coming from three people with the very real experience they sadly have makes this book truly priceless.

Charlotte Godfrey

This is an excellent book both for those diagnosed with cancer and their family and friends. It is full of good, practical advice and the explanations are clear and concise. Whilst it is short enough to not be overwhelming it covers all the important areas , medical, emotional and practical. I was particularly impressed with the chapters on the effects of different foods: the ability to help yourself will, I’m sure, help nurture a positive mindset. I really think the 3 authors have produced an excellent and useful resource.

Janet Scott


I have just read The Cancer Journey and I love the positive way that the book is written. It gives the reader the feeling that you can take control and be active and present during the treatment and diagnosis, not just a helpless victim. The voice of the book feels like a personal friend or mentor/coach giving advice, or guidance with a close friendly feeling.

Dr Roberta Wong, Seattle, USA

Fantastic book! I have many friends who have had to deal with cancer and am basing my comments off my experience in trying to help them find medical info on treatments. This is a very resourceful and easy to understand book for all cancer patients and their families. It is very approachable and welcoming unlike most of the US cancer literature that is intimidating and overwhelming. I really appreciated that I can find answers to my questions in one book rather than having to reference 3+ books to understand emotional needs, how to communicate with family and friends, diet and health. Also it is written based on actual experience from the patient perspective and not from the physician or psychiatrist perspective which enhances the book’s practicality and acceptance that the reader is talking to a ‘cancer friend’ and is sharing real lessons learned that can be leveraged by the reader. It’s very up to date and provides practical solutions e.g.,email message communication, text messages, and use of iPod.

Cindy Berejikian (USA)

The Cancer Journey is easy to read – not overbearing, not too much info and seems to hit the right points at the right level. It has a nice sense of humor & light touch, good summaries, and good understandable explanations. The section on nutrition is very useful as is the recipe section. The quotes are inspiring and relevant.

Dr Janice Ohta (USA)


This is a terrific pragmatic book about the realities of facing cancer treatment. It has a warm upbeat tone that makes you feel that the authors are your friends walking with you through the experience. It was written in an approachable way with a sense of humor about an unfunny disease. Good summaries and understandable explanations. Plenty of practical advice and even useful recipes. A great book for anyone with cancer, or anyone who has a friend or family member with cancer.


I love this book!!! This great resource is your best friend helping you, holding your hand and supporting you during treatment and diagnosis. What could be better than your friend whispering to you the questions about treatment you forgot to ask, giving advice on foods to eat, offering tips on how to manage side effects,and identifying ways to mobilize your friends and family.

The book is split into several sections. The first part talks about getting a cancer diagnosis and dealing with choosing treatment. The next part encourages you to consider massage, visualization and other techniques that can improve your reaction to treatment. The section for family and friends is an excellent way for people to help without overburdening you. There is also a great section on food, with recipes.

Now, you may think, why would I want to read this book? First, it’s practical, and positive. The tips and advice are from three people who have had cancer and had to navigate the medical system. Their “road warrior tested” helpful hints will only make your journey easier and less mystifying. Second, this book is inspirational and will help you when you feel you don’t know where to find the answers. You don’t have to search on your computer, its all right here, within these pages. And finally, you don’t have to read this cover to cover. You can read a section or even a few pages at a time. And, you can come back to a section and re-read it time and time again.

My Mother had cancer, and I wish there had been a book like this while she was receiving treatment. I can only imagine how much easier it would have been for her, and for our family.


This book is a absolute must for anyone, with or without cancer. I read about Polly in Glamour magazine so when I was diagnosed, it was the first thing I bought. Its amazing and a really good read, got through it in 2 days and I use it regularly as a reference guide as well as a recipe book. The writers are inspiring and warm, the advice is practical and the knowledge gained about how cancer works is something everyone should know. It changed my life. My parner and I went vegan and have never felt better. I’m having a side effect free chemo and I have more energy than ever. I put that totally down to the things I implemented following reading this book. This will be money well spent!


I have “Anti Cancer” by Dr.David Servan-Schreiber and “Life over Cancer” by Keith I. Block and both are very good.

However The Cancer Journey is different to the above two books – perhaps slightly less medical and not so long, but none the worse for that.

It is a very, very readable book with some invaluable sections not really covered so well, if at all, in the above mentioned books, particularly chapters entitled “Getting the best out of your Doctor” (the heading says it all) and “Communication” – telling your friends and children etc that you have cancer, is just one subject covered under that heading.

It also contains a good section on recipes for both food and drink – juices, smoothies, main courses,dips and desserts. Here the reader should be aware though that the recipes are for Raw Food – no cooking!

I love the book and wish it had been available when I was diagnosed with cancer last summer, but it was not published until this Autumn.


This book is the perfect resource for anyone touched by cancer. It’s practical. It answers the questions that come to mind and gives loads of useful tips. It’s sensitive and written by people who have been through it. Invaluable and indispensable.

Michael H Bland

This book is a must have if you or one of your loved ones has this devastating disease. I wish it had been available when my husband was going through his treatment. It is full of excellent tips and suggestions written by people who have gone through the experience themselves. This is a fantastic resource and easy to read.


A really good book, especially for anyone going through a similar journey. My wife found the book a lot of support during her battle with cancer, which unfortunately she lost. All I can say is thank you for the support this book gave her in her hour of need.

Colin M

This book is great. It’s a gentle book that explains things a medical team may not have the time to. A definite book for anybody who finds themselves with cancer or affected by cancer.


Chemo doesn’t work. Radiation doesn’t work. Doctors and nurses know this, but will encourage all the medical modalities to give you hope, and because they themselves do not know much about nutrition and it’s role in causing, as well as stopping, cancer. The authors treat this subject warmly, intelligently, and with gentle humor. You will learn about Polly Noble’s refusal to have radiotherapy and surgery, instead giving her body the nutrients it needs, not just physically but emotionally and mentally, to heal itself. Polly is a qualified holistic health coach and raw food coach., and will inspire you to get healthy and stay healthy.

I first learned about the role of certain foods on cancer by reading The China Study, where the scientific research proved that animal protein literally turns the cancer “on” or “off”. I went on a vegan diet, and continued to research a plant based diet for optimal health when in May 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Armed with sound information, and having found The Cancer Journey, I refused dangerous surgery, toxic radiation and chemotherapy and went on a raw vegan and juice diet. In November (only 6 months later) my MRI could find no trace of the tumor, praise God!

Arm yourself, empower yourself, or someone you love, with sound information to heal yourself with raw food, juicing, meditation, visualization, yoga and especially laughter! Polly share her journey from cancer with you and gives you all the tools you need!

M Lippe

Having met Polly Noble I was most keen to follow up by reading the book and wasn’t disappointed.Its clearly written, with no jargon, offers some pointed questions and answers around how to react to other people’s reactions and some great recipes later in the book. Buy it, it’s a must.